painting by giles mitchell

Truck driving at night - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2018

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
Self Portrait - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2018
Political Fat by painting Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
Political Fat - Painting by Giles Mitchell 2017
Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
Phi - Painting by Giles Mitchell Giles Denmark 2017

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
What is your wavelength? - Painting by Giles Mitchell Giles Denmark 2017

Painting by Giles Mitchell (Giles Denmark)
Autumnal thought - Painting (in progress)
Giles Mitchell
Giles Denmark 28 Oct 2018


Cut earth
Sun runs
Moon spoons


Tick tick


14.10 21 September 2018

Poem by Giles 'Denmark' Mitchell


la peniche boat rental
La Peniche, see France in Style

Rent a boat Canal du Midi ports at Carcassonne, Homps, Port Le Somail, Beziers Colombiers, Agde, and Montpellier Carnon. Take a romantic trip to Dordogne and rent a boat in the Lot Valley.


`chateau holiday rental near carcasonne, canal du midi, narbonne
Chateau near Narbonne

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relais chantovent restaurant, minerve, near narbonne, st chinian, carcassonne, south franceRelais Chantovent, Minerve

Dine at restaurants, in hill villages, or near the sea. Visit Carcassonne, Montpellier, Collioure, Gruissan, Perpignan, Lourdes, and wine your way through valleys, mountain tops, find special events on your way.


minervois mid summer painting by giles mitchell (giles denmark)
Mid Summer. Minervois. Painting by Giles Mitchell. For more details see more information

Collioure, on the Mediterranean Sea near Perpignan, Occcitanie, south France
Discover Collioure, and the Pyrenees

Drink wonderful wine, swim in the Med, mountain streams, discover castles, abbeys and artists and musicans who came - André Derain, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, C R Mackintosh, and Tsuguharu Fujita; or go a few steps to Spain and Catalonia land of Salvador Dali - Cadaquez, and Barcelona

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Chapel near Saint Chinian, near Minerve, Beziers, Narbonne, Occitania, South France
Discover Minerve - St Chinian - Carcassonne

Drink wonderful wine, food, swim in lakes and mountain streams, discover castles, abbeys and artists and musicans

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  • Poetry

    Giles Denmark "Menhir"
    menhir, languedoc, france

    Beaten, bloodied, armour bashed
    Proud rock erect
    Once danced, daubed, climbed,
    Menhir perches hidden in earth embrace
    Trees moggy around
    Wind beating toss and throw
    Man stands under
    Gasping for breath

    This spirit rock, with a history of local legends,
    is off the main road between Bize-Minervois
    and Villespassans, Languedoc, South of France

    © Giles Denmark 2000

About the artist

Giles Mitchell
And yes I am the same who runs (also known as Giles Denmark) and I am a multimedia artist who has presented performance art works, exhibitition, music works, poetry theater, murals, and installations, in Europe, and USA. Performance art and theater works in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center, First Avenue Danceteria, Jungle Theater, Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2 visits: Performance with Doryphorus, 1st century sculpture of a Spear Bearer - reputedly by Polyklietos), and with a sculpture by Rodin; also "TV Mania" at Franklin Furnace, New York. Taught in art schools, and created perfornance art works in Scandinavia, including the Stavanger Arts Festival, performed at Roundhouse, London. Awards include Mcknight Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Art. Artist in residence, Yellow Springs Institute. Collaborated as performer poet with Donald Byrd (choreographer, dancer) and Chuck Zwicky (music) at First Avenue Danceteria, and Walker Art Center. Collaborated (poetry story line) on a video "Intrusions" in Mpls/NY with Keith Froelich, UCV Translations Grant. Collaborated with on Acts of Fassion (poetry performance fashion show) Thea Tullous (painter) and Heidi Arvin (designer). Collaborated with Glenys Johnson, "Experiments in Space" at Slade School of Art.

I live and breathe and create now in South France