Ceret, near Perpignan, Pyrenees Orientales
Modern Art Center, Saturday Market, Beautiful town of Roussillon

ceret - fountain des 9 jets, pyrenees orientales

Ceret, near Perpignan, Pyrenees Orientales

Ceret has always been an artist's mecca.

A town nestling under the upward thrusts of the Pyrenees. Streets swaddled in towering trees.

A Saturday Market bustling with Roussillon enthusiasm for the good things of life. Houses brim with golden histories. Back streets beckon with stories untold. Faces glimmer with love, struggle, and joy of life.

Above is a quiet square in Ceret. A fountain murmuring of sedate moments of shade, heat, sun. A place to sit down with a careful cup of coffee, a glistening cool white wine of the region. Difficult to believe this fountain "Fontaine des 9 Jets" was mentioned in 1313 - 700 years ago.

ceret saturday market
busy market - saturday ceret ceret market

musee d'art ceret terrace at museum at ceret - musee d'art moderne ceret

Linens hang gaudilly. Colors heady with the heat of Catalonia.

The strident joyful tempor of the Meditteranean.

Picasso, Braque, Gris, Chagall, no doubt danced the mix of bold patterns against the agony of the tall butts of buildings. The angles of faces, the rigor of the steep escarpements, the heady joy of the views about.

Cafés still have a certain ambiance that attracts, perhaps pin points the possibility of intense artistic arguments, ponderance, and eureka of artistic insights found and lost at the bottom of wine glasses, or the foam of coffee cups!

Like all the spices, all the cornocopia of stuffs, and stuffings that accumulate in markets, such as the market at Ceret; this area of Roussillon is rich with sites to see, and sites to be left secret, personal, intimate.

Its the mix of the special, and the all encompassing that makes this area appealling. So wake up early and head off to the market at Ceret, and then just follow the days whims and see what gates Roussillon can open for you.

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Come to
The Easter Festival and Procession - March 30, 31 2013
The Cherry Festival in Ceret : June 1 - 2 2013
Music Festival - June 28, 29 2013
Sardanes dance festival - July 19 - 21, 2013
Annual Fair - October 26, 2013

spice up your life in ceret!
Ceret has always something the Spice up your life!

wander in ceret
Or just take a wander and see where Ceret makes you go!
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