Le Picou, La Caunette, Herault, Languedoc
South France Restaurant of the Month (February 2006)

(2016 Now closed - Go to Relais La Chantovent in Minerve - to experience the Chefs new place and great cuisine)

(2008 - A disaster - The surprise closure of respected restaurant chambre d'hotes is a great loss to La Caunette and the Minervois. The superb chef with his healthy attitude to creating low salt, low fat, with home grown salads, is no longer at this beautiful restaurant in the heart of the Minervois, indeed the Languedoc. The heart has been pulled out again for a young chef making his way - what a loss it is! Many people, restaurant owners, and clients alike wish for a miracle that the chef can return to Le Picou, so that he can pursue his crusade! We all miss his generous spirit, his vital cooking, his open friendly nature with the clientele, and hope the best for him and his wife and children!)

La Caunette, Le Picou restaurant

Enjoy intimate dining inside, or a terrace with views outside

This is one of those restaurants that you enjoy going to, and don't want to tell others just how good the food is. - Now the secret is out!! Go at lunch time or evening and experience cuisine with verve, quality, enthusiasm. A fine establishment with a good knowledgeable wine list from the region

(From the 2003 May listing)
"Just north of Narbonne, on the road to St Pons and Minerve, you will find the pretty village of La Caunette, under the cliffs of the Minervois hills, and on the banks of the river Cesse. Wander round the village, before dining, and visit the caves where once the inhabitants lived, look in the old church, and taste some of the best wines of the Minervois."

Le Picou
Rue de la Poterie
34210 La Caunette

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