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Aude - near Narbonne

naturist beach between gruissan and les ayguades

The Naturist beach between Gruissan and Les Ayguades - is halfway across the sand, past the lifesaving house. Look for other naturists, find a good place to lie, and enjoy the sun, and the perfect beach and water.

beach near gruissan


Take the D32 from Narbonne to Gruissan, follow the road into Gruissan, taking a left past the Casino, and follow the road straight on, around a number of roundabouts, passing a fun fair to your left, with a number of lotissments to your right - continue to you will see a sign for Les Plages. This road continues out past a windsurfing, yachting, building built in the sands to your left, and the entrance to the Marina on your right, follow the road to a carpark area, where a sandy road goes down to the beach. Drive across the beach in the direction of the first Life Saving House, and continue to you start seeing other naturists. Park your car, and proceed to the beach.


"It was beautiful and warm with a temperature of 29C (84F), with the sea cool, May 23 2003 - the water was clear, cool, and exhilirating. It was good to drive up, walk and find a good place to sunbathe and enjoy a swim. Well worth a return visit" G

mediterranean at Gruissan
Gruissan Nearby Gruissan, has restaurants, old castle, shops, discos - clubs, casino, boat trips, and is great to visit when you want a break from the beach.

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