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break-out how to live the naturist life abroad by susan mayfield
Break – Out

The Nudist Lifestyle - how to live the naturist life abroad

Susan Mayfield has travelled thoughout Naturist Europe for nearly 20 years, and everywhere on her travels she has met people who have given up there secure life in their home country for the naturist dream, dripping with sunshine that exists on happy Mediterranean shores.

This book contains the stories of these people (their successes and failures), much cheerful and practical how-to-do-it information - and Susan's personal story of her struggles to escape from the hum drum life to one close to nature in a warm and sunny climate, with like-minded friends, sunshine, and camaraderie. As a picture of the ex-pat naturist life (mostly in Mediterranean France) this book is unique.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving the past behind for a fulfilling naturist lifestyle on warm and sunny shores, this book is a must!

(Published 1998) (98 pages)
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Susan Mayfield's Guide to France
Susan Mayfield’s Guide to France

Naturism in France, with a listing of beaches and resorts

The irrepressible guide to the country "where even voices on the address systems sound sexy".

Why France? - the sensuous climate is unique - it's easy to be seduced by it!
Getting Around. Novel and inexpensive ways of exploring.
Eating and Drinking. The French made it famous!
Everything else you need to know. And a few interesting things you didn't including: Life and Love: How the French make love; Naturism - how many styles of naturism do you want? France has them all! The Language: Your mini phrase book of everything you'll need to say in naturist France .... and a bit more besides.

Paris! The cultural capital of the entire world, some would say

The Regions
The Opal coast.
The Ardeche
South Atlantic Coast
Loire Valley
Labastide Country
Provence and the Cote d'Azur
The Pyrenees
Languedoc Roussillon

Reference section: All the addresses of all the naturist places.

(published 1997) (63 pages)
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