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Naturist Beaches and Resorts in France

"One of the best areas for naturism is the Languedoc coast of France. Resorts like Cap d'Agde and Aphrodite string the coast like pearls. And there's many back to nature camp sites inbetween."

"The Isle du Levante was where the French movement "naturisme" took hold in the 1930's. This was not naturism as we know it today, but rather a celebration of Nature, and involved camping without electricity and girls dancing in flowing robes, artists and Isadora Duncan types, all eventually daring to sunbathe wearing only "Le minimum" - which they are still inclined to wear today.

Not far away, on the coast near St. Tropez, are the beaches of Tahiti and Pampelonne where Brigitte Bardot made toplessness fashionable. Many of us now would be disappointed by the rather jaded and affected brand of naturism practiced here and might well prefer to travel further west, to the Camargue, where there is so much space under the sky you feel like a mere speck in creation's pattern as you run, lie or swim on a white sandy beach that could be 22 kilometers long. But you are on the edge of Provence, where you can drink chilled Rosé at lunchtime and pastis in the evening.

One of the best areas for naturism is the coast between the Carmargue and the Spanish Border - Languedoc-Roussillon. Incredible efforts have been made to keep the sea clean, to build proper accommodation, to keep prices reasonable and to cater for everyone including naturists. The resorts of Cap d'Agde and Aphrodite string the coast like pearls with many smaller ones between. This area of France, the old Septimania of 1500 years ago was fought for by the French God Kings, descended, so legend has it, from the descendants of Jesus himself, has a unique geography and climate.

The area is like a saucer cut in half, with a wide circle of mountains along the rim and wide, flat, sandy beaches along the cut edge. It collects sun like a giant solar heating dish, making the weather as warm as southern Spain. It grows vines and olives abundantly, and crickets chirp in the cypress trees like creatures sent mad by the heat."

Susan Mayfield, Author of Guide to France

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Mediterranean Beaches

They say you cannot no further than two miles along the French Mediterranean coast without seeing nudists! If the weather is warm, just try the beaches between resort beaches, and you're bound to find naturism. Or ask in the local tourist office fo "La Plage Naturiste"

Going from west to east on the Michelin map, try the beaches to the east of the following villages: Torreilles Plage, Leucate Plage, Port La Nouvelle; Gruissan Plage (to the west only), St Pierre sur Mer; Marseillan Plage; Port Camargue (by the lighthouse); Stes Maries de la Mer; Cap Croisette; Heyeres-Plage; Ile de Levant (by ferry from le Lavendou, St Aygulf; and Plage de Tahiti, near St Tropez

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