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Body and Landscape Workshop  

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Clare Bradford, Potter  

Bonnie Atlan - French Landscapes and Still Life

Body Landscape

Body and Landscape


7 days 7 nights for up to 10 persons who love landscape, natural elements, and are interested in its interaction with their bodies, thoughts, sense of being, their creativity.

6 persons who want to abandon the rhetoric of the regular day to create individually but also together a creative adventure. An adventure that starts in the wilds of nature, in a rocky river gorge or on a savage beach.

The activities of the group will only define where the path will go during the 7 days and 7 nights.

Creative media is not defined - it is your choice. Poetry, Paint, Sculpture, Photography, Performance.

7 days basic accommodation, food, and transportation from airport, or station €950 euros per person

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Clare Bradford, Potter

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Clare Bradford's Pottery

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