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Boat Rentals on the Lot River

chateau dordogne area
Chateau near Martel


Set on the winding River Lot
Deep in wild country

Birthplace of Léon Gambetta
Founder of Occitan Radicalism

Astound yourself with the Pont Valentré:
A fortified Medieval bridge (14th century)

Climb to the massif Cathédrale
Amuse yourself to the satirical sculptures in the cloisters

Wander the Badernes sector, take in the energy
View the sculpturally decorated Hôtel de Roaldès (15th century)

Walk the river road, and climb Mont Saint-Cyr
For the grand view of town.

Discover the beauty of the Lot river
By renting a hire boat from Lot Boat Rentals France
At 2 bases along the River

A rich city, of 30,000 people,
Luxurious villas, an ampitheater
A temple to the Holy of Holies
Vesona, Roman Capital of this region,
Now gone, only the Verone Tower, standing in ruins

In Jardin des Arène.
Take a long sunny walk through the parks

Look at proud St Etienne,
Puritan in design, but long time Cathedral
Through Place Francheville, break what was the old battlements of Saint Front,
The Mateguerre Tower, wind the streets,
And enter the Place de la Clautre

Take in the flavor of Market, and the Venetian influenced Cathedral
Of grandiose designs, with oriental pretentions by Abadie Architect of Sacré Couer in Paris.

Now look back, and feed on the history,
Discover the delights of the Périgord Museum,

After settle down to a well deserved beer or café,
And snore away walking and viewing the town from the quays on the L'Isle.

Dordogne Quercynoise and Les Eyzies Prehistory

Colour, mystery, the play of light, through trees,
The chateau perched on cliffs above the river
A surprise at every bend, of road, or water
Here one is swallowed by the possibilities of romance and adventure

Beyond Souillac the chateau de La Treyne (17th century)
Leans precarious above cliff, above river.

Where the Dordogne, meets the Ouysse scramble the Belcastel Chateau
With remarkable view, then continue to Creysse,
With intimate interesting Romanesque church,
Look down from the wayside cross
The grand view, let your heart soar

Enter Martel, on the plateau,
Walk deep into annuls of history
With houses, streets, covered markets
Taste from times 13th century

At Carennac, recall the author
François Fénelon who was abbot here (1651-1715)
Linger in the doorway of the church,
Stare into the carvings, the statues the murals
Can you imagine the stockings, the garments of monks and nobles,
Walking these streets, can you?

And then swing back, way back, and drive north
To Les Eyzies-de-Tayrac-Sireuil
To prehistoric Cro Magnon Man
The National Prehistory Museum,
The caves, where mammoth roamed
Imagine bending over the open fire,
The whistle of wind, the dance of imaginings
The first paint on walls deep in the earth?