Sweet Spring brings leaves to a vineyard near Gruissan, Aude, Languedoc

First leaves of Spring, in vineyard near Gruissan, Aude

On a blustery Spring day, with hunks of dark clouds menacing, and bright shafts of sun glowing, warming, heating, the sweet green leaves of vines break out of the brown skeletons of vines, stark against the Languedoc landscape.

These are first glimpses of the lusciousness of Summer, lifts everyones spirits. This is in the area known as the Clape, near Gruissan, in vineyards that skirt the inland etangs, and the salty estuaries, where marsh, salt, and ruins of roman villas, are the bed, the linens of, the gesticulations of white wine white and fresh or red and bold to come!

3.30 pm March 23 2014.

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