Night descends over Minerve and the surrounding countryside in the Minervois

night over minervois, languedoc

These pines stand like guardians over the surrounding fields, vineyards, garrigue.

They tell the story of generations of vignerons, and men, women, children, who have lived, loved, played in this region.

They look over the many tales of hardship, of the endless toil of getting the rocky ground to bear the most sublime of fruits - grapes.

Each vine in its roughness, and its endurance, masks the subtleties of soil, sun, wind, cepage, only really giving its secret away when we sip from the bottle: wine.

The vigneron or wine maker has a great amount of responsibility to blend all these elements to create a wine that sings the glories and adversities in its creativity and production.

7.30 pm Sept 26 2012.

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