Narbonne with its stunning Cathedral, Aude, Languedoc France

canal de la robine, near narbonne, south france

Sunny windy bracing day : Narbonne cathedral and town seen from the hill topped La Clape, that once was an island, and Narbonne was on the sea.

Narbo or Colonia Narbo Martius was founded by the Romans in 118 BC, and became the major center for this part of France.

Julius Caesar gave lands to the veterans from his 10th Legion here, and no doubt enjoyed the local rosemary flower honey, that was world renowned at the time.

Narbonne will very soon boast the Musée de la Romanité (also known as Narbo Via) designed by Norman Foster - a major museum of the Roman Era.

Aude, Languedoc - 16.00 pm April 4 2011 (72F 22C)

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