Languedoc Colours : Visit October November for Vineyard Colours

Languedoc Autumn Fall Colours entice the visitor - Be Bewitched in the Minervois!

Photo feature

languedoc vineyard in autumnal colour

vine leaves fall autumn colours languedoc

minervois vineyard with  wood in languedoc

Vineyards ablaze in colour - with the grapes picked, the fields create their wine of colour.


How I love Languedoc in the Autumn!

When the rush rush of cars, and the snozzle of tractors piled high with grapes oozing red white spills, are lost in the late night memories of dances in the depths of new wine.

When the day opens clear, the sun bright biting the sky, and one's feet are forced to boot. The walk's clear and the path has wild pig hoofmarks and the scampers of rabbits on the run. How good the air is to breathe!

Oh Languedoc - how I love you - with your golden hair, shimmering in the wind. How I love to walk through these tresses of vines, with their carressing multicolor leaves! And take in the clear bird song, or the swoop of the eagle from the high pine tree!

Minervois from Bize-Minervois to Minerve, from the depths of the Cesse, winding through cutting gorges, still resonating with the scents of thyme, and ruins prehistoric, how I love to walk in you.

Flutter as the day begins, the day unwinds and the day comes to a close. A human butterfly - just dancing in the colour.

Are you tempted to swoop courtesy ryanair, stroke your fingers, dip your tongue in wine, and walk amongst the wild wild colours of Languedoc!?

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