Dizzy cliff top village on the River Lot

Beautiful village - home to artists, craftsmen, writers, including Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Man Ray.

saint cirq lapopie, lot, south france

Saint-Cirq la Popie village ascends the stiff cliffs of the Lot river.

saint-cirq lapopie, church, lot, south france

Saint Cirq Lapopie

Saint Cirq Lapopie, is designated in part Monument Historique, has a magical, spiritual and surrealistic feel to it.

Since the 8th century the village has hung over the Lot River, built on the steep cliffs, half way between river and sky. During the 100 years war its dominating position was much prized.

The impressive fortified Gothic church dominates the landscape, standing tall over the cascade of rooftops of the picturesque houses with arcades, shops, restaurants, doors and steep streets. Once home to skinners and leather merchants, braziers, and especially wood turners it has now become home to museums, shops, and restaurants.

Throughout the 20th century, artists, poets and writers have been seduced by the charm of St Cirq Lapopie: Andre Breton had his residence here and made a place of rendezvous of the surrealist movement where amongst others Joseph Rignault, Max Ernst and Man Ray visited him

The village is just one of the spectacular sites that can be visitied . Also nearby are the interesting and beautiful cave paintings at Peche Merle, a 15 minute drive.

st cirq lapopie, lot, france