St Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Collioure,
Gruissan and La Clape

st tropez


Rent Belle Tropez Dufour 525
Skipper. Sleeps 8 + 1.
4 cabins all with ensuite bathrooms.
Day or Weekly rental

St Tropez

The sun beating down, you, the sand, the magnificent blue
The night, walking, watching other worshippers
The yachts, the lights, the silhouette of the Citadel
The golden dome and the tall ships competing for the sky
Walk the alleys, sit in a cafe drink and watch
Here the world passes by and enjoys

Brigitte Bardot, and Guy de Maupassant
Signac and Matisse and Dufy and Derain and Colette
Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman and Elton John all have come and loved

Visit the Musée de l'Annonciade,
Strong with post impressionists and fauves.
Dig deep in those colors Vlaminck, Derain, Dongen, and more
Live life to the full where the topless rebellion was born.

nice - cimiez


Vibrant city on sparkling azur blue Mediterranean
Promenade des Anglais with palm trees and roller blades
Museums and art galleries - Matisse, Chagall, Picasso
Roman ruins amongst olive groves, and marriage of hills and water
Cour Salaya with boutiques, shops, and night clubs
Watch the busy port with yachts boats ferries

Casino, opera where mammoths roamed 450,000 years ago


Antibes Juan Les Pins - vibrant center on Riviera
Colorful provençal market, rose gardens
Magnificent Marineland for all the family
Home to Picasso, Graham Greene, Sydney Bechet
World famous jazz festival - first one in Europe
Beaches - water skiing, skin diving, sunbathing
Art galleries and museums
Picasso Museum - one of the world great collections
Stunning nature walks along the coast of Cap d'Antibes
Sumptuous mansions to see
Casinos, night clubs, over 200 restaurants...


collioure, languedoc

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Once the port city for Perpignan in the Middle Ages
The town that the fauves loved.
A town for artists past and present.
Matisse, Derain, Dufy, and Picasso, stayed to play with the effervescent light.
They visited and painted the church of Notre-Dame-des-Anges
They pondered inside listening to the sound of sea as it swelled
Swelling up ideas of color, painting, and image.
The Château Royal designed with care for war and defence,
Under the stern eyes of Vauban, Louis XIV master genius,
Shows its proud walls over the old town area called the Mour&eacute,
The center of the thriving Collioure
Where tradition and creative vision continues.

The Gouffre de l'oeil Doux
The Gouffre de l'Œil Doux

Gruissan and La Clape

Come to the simple life, to Gruissan, where out on the sea flats
Houses are perched on stilts, became the home of the hedonist Betty Blue
In the movie of the same name. Walk and bathe off the sands here,
From the clothed to the nude, there is a bit of heaven for everyone.

Inland climb the steep path to the massif, following stations of the cross,
Where sailors are buried from the turbulence of the sea
Climb to the chapel, Notre Dame des Auzils with its models and paintings of ships,
And look beyond to the harsh moor, for glorious walking
And views of where the French Airforce boom the sky with fighter planes.
Beyond walk inland, and discover the Gouffre de l'Œil Doux ,
A deep volcanic pool, at the bottom of cliffs, with dramatic trees,
Go further in to the vineyard owned by the descendants of Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
The man, the visionary of the Little Prince, and Wind Sand Stars who made air flight poetry,
And another vineyard once in the family of Toulouse L'Autrec.
Now filled take a run and a slide, and a good swim in the sea that beckons here
When the heat asks for nothing less..

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