View near Minerve and St Jean de Minervois

South France Guide Photo of the Week - November 2 1998

Minervois view near St Jean de Minervois

View near Minerve and St Jean de Minervois

Climb up on the narrow roads above Minerve, and towards St Jean de Minervois with its famed Muscat wines. Here you will find gorges, and vineyards tucked on hillsides. Here you can leave your car, and walk down paths, surrounded by brush, and dense trees, and go back in time to days when donkeys, mules, and horses were transportation.

These old trails, many carefully hewn into rock on the sides of gorges where deep below is the sound of a stream gushing, often pass ruined shepherd houses (bergeries), or wells, where the water runs clear.

It is a great place for discovery.

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