Dolmen above Minerve and Church Cross at Peyriac-de-Mer

The Guide Photos of the Week - September 21 1998

Dolmen near Minerve in the South of France

Dolmen above Minerve

Caught in the shrub and rock above the Cathar village of Minerve, is this grand dolmen that looks over gorges and distant hills.

In the Spring it is surrounded by flowers at every turn, and in the Autumn by the golden colors of leaves changing, and the sun resplendent. Its a good place to visit when the sun rises in the cool of the morning, or as the sun sets at the end of day

Cross on Church at Peyriac–de–Mer in the South of France

Church Cross at Peyriac-de-Mer

Peyriac-de-Mer, quite close to Narbonne is cut off from the Med by sand dunes and etangs, and has that unmistakeable feel of a fishing village.

The village and neighboring Bages provide rich pickings for an afternoon drive exploring artist's studios, interesting village houses, and the delicious flavours of light and color, of sea and land.

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