Selling goats cheese, at the Olive Festival in Bize-Minervois, Aude

The Guide Photo of the Week - July 24

Goats cheese from Combebelle

Selling goats cheese, Bize-Minervois, Aude, from Combebelle, near Villespassans

I was offered succulent goats cheese by this traditional costumed cheese-maker, at the Olive festival at Bize Minervois. The cheese produced by Colette, Vincent, and Anne Camelot, comes from 50 goats, that have the good luck to live in the high meadows of Combebelle, high in the hills above Bize, on the way to Villespassans and St Chinian. Call them up to visit their effecient farm, - if you go you must buy! And then take the cheese home, and eat with the best honey, which this area is also famous for.

Chevrerie de Combebelle
11120 Bize Minervois
04 67 38 05 38

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