The Cesse valley, near Saint Julien des Meulières

The Guide Photo of the Week - May 16 1999

Cesse valley, near St Jean des  Molières, Herault, Languedoc

The Cesse valley, near Sain-Julien-des-Meulières, above Minerve, in the Haut Minervois

One can only marvel at the magnificent landscape that follows the river Cesse, now in full thunder from heavy rains between gorgeous hot days of sun, with flowers in all their splendor. Up here in the hills there are views that span in the opposite direction to this view, across the Aude valley, now intense with vineyards, to the Corbières, and the white tipped Pyrenees.

There are a number of Dolmens in this area.

The construction of these funerary monuments extends from 2800 to 1500 BC.

They are associated here to a tradition of 1500 semi-nomadic pastors living in small family groups regularly returning to family burials.
Their powerful architecture has enabled them to get through the tempests of time.

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