The Pig Festival "Fete du Cochon" at Saint Pons, Herault, Languedoc
Photo of the Week - Feb 28 2000

St Pons Pig Festival, Herault, Languedoc

saint pons festival, languedoc

Ham being smoked and cooked at the Fete du Cochon at St Pons, Herault, Languedoc

In this charming town of St Pons there is a lively pig festival - where you can enjoy eating any part of a pig. This year there was even a bit of cajun music with a band from the US. In the autumn there is an equally exuberant Chestnut Festival. Food is one of the fine things in life that the French savor with zeal

cattle at saint pons pig festival

Yoked cattle at Saint Pons - Pig Festival

saint pons fete de cochon, languedoc

Roasting chestnuts

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