Spring in Minervois at Mailhac

Mailhac, Minervois - Spring in Languedoc

Today's photo features - April 23 2002

Vines are fresh with leaves, and Mailhac welcomes Spring

Mailhac, 30 minutes drive from Narbonne or Beziers, is a pretty village in the Minervois - with a history to pre - Roman times.

It is noted for a nearby dolmen, and a huge source for archaeological discovery in the nearby hill - where its treasures are in museums all over France. The village museum is always closed and deserves some good funding to get it open.

The charming village is well worth a wander around, its little bar a welcome respite in the warm Summer months.

If you are going to Minerve this Summer take the alternative route and stop at Mailhac - then take the little road (D177E) to Aigne - where there is Lo Cagarol Restaurant, Art galleries - then aim for Minerve, famed Cathar village with views over the River Cesse.

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