Ecluse de Pechlaurier, Canal du Midi, near Argens - Minervois

Ecluse de Pechlaurier, Argens Minervois

pech laurier lock on canal du midi

Today's photo feature - July 14 2002

Take the circular walk above the Ecluse de Pechlaurier

Circular walk. Go take a backpack of wine, water, bread and cheese, and walk from Argens Minervois to Ecluse de Pechlaurier, then follow the yellow markings and the path as it climbs the Pech Laurier (Pech = Hill), and follow it surrounded by trees, with magnificent views across the hidden lake to Argens with its chateau, to the distant Corbieres, and Mediterranean. Follow the path back past the mystery lake (its not on the map) to the village, and if you want to laze a bit more take some good nourishment at the restaurant by the canal in the village.

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