Walk amongst the Minervois to view magnificent Aude Valley

Aude valley, seen from Minervois hills, near Siran, Fauzan, Minerve, - Herault, Languedoc

Today's photo features - March 1 2002

Pleasant walks in the Minervois with views of distant Pyrenees Take to the hills and discover the beauties of the Minervois. Drive beyond the historic village of Minerve in the direction of Fauzan, and onwards in the direction of Ferrals Les Montagnes (Sunday market, in Summer months). You will be rewarded by magnificent views across the Aude valley, towards the Corbieres, and the Pyrenees.

For the curious - take a look at the "curiosité" on the road to Siran - where the perspective plays tricks - the road is going up isn't it? Or is it going down?

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