Bages, Aude, Languedoc - at the foot of the Corbieres, with Pyrenees behind

Bages, Aude seen from La Nautique

Today's photo feature - November 15 2002

Bages as seen from La Nautique - close to Narbonne, Languedoc

Take the road to La Nautique - a very short distance from Narbonne and Autoroute access at exit 38, and you will discover magnificent views of the etang de Bages, and the distant Pyrenees when the weather is clear. Or take the road to Bages just of the road to Perpignan, and discover art galleries and studios, good restaurants on this fishing village perched on a hill. Drive on to Peyriac de Mer, and walk on water, on a lovely randonee starting at the village.

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