View of Etang de Bages, the Pyrenees, from La Nautique, nr Narbonne

Bages, on the Etang de Bages, with background of Pyrenees, seen from La Nautique, nr Narbonne.

Today's photo feature - Dec 25, 2003

Sunset over the Pyrenees and Etang de Bages, seen from La Nautique, nr Narbonne

Just 3 minutes from Narbonne, take a walk from the old roman seaport of Narbonne - La Nautique, along the beach front of the Etang de Bages. Its perfect to visit any time of day, and is perfect for a quick getaway from shopping. The views of the Pyrenees and the Corbieres, as well as light playing on the Etang de Bages is just beautiful - go see!

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