Vendange in Languedoc - Minervois, Corbieres, Saint Chinian
Grapes, wind, mushrooms
The joys of Autumn in the South of France

mushrooms and toadstools in languedoc

Mushrooms and toadstools are abundant at this time of year - many are not edible and are poisonous - always check with the local pharmacy before eating

minervois grapes ready for vendange

Minervois grapes ready for picking

vendange - near Argeliers and Cruzy

Grapes being harvested near Cruzy, Herault

Camplong, near Lezignan - cave cooperative
Grapes arriving at the cave cooperative at Camplong d'Aude, near Lezignan-Corbieres

stripped grapes - camplong d'aude

Stripped grapes at Camplong d'Aude - the wine has been plucked!

wind farm at nevian

Walk or drive up to the wind farm, in Nevian, near Narbonne

Photo feature - October 10

Vendange in Languedoc - Grapes, Wind, and Mushrooms

One of the best times to visit Languedoc is late September and October - Vendange is taking place - and there is a freshness in the air. Quickly after the harvest the villages celebrate with music, dancing, and events, and the vineyards quickly effervesce with leaves changing colors.

Walking in the woods of the hills of the Minervois and Corbieres - one can find mushrooms and toadstools - but alway check before eating with the local pharmacy as many are poisonous or not easilly edible. For those seeking the marvels of man - the windmills at Nevian, not far from Narbonne are a sight to behold - and the view from them is grand too. For those seeking beach pleasures the Mediterranean is still warm enough to sunbathe and swim.

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