Wine and Chestnut festivals in Languedoc
Fete de la Chataigne, St Pons de Thomières, Herault
Fete de Vendange, Ouveillan, Aude

ouveillan, aude, near narbonne

11th century St Jean l'Evangeliste, in Ouveillan

ouveillan - fete de vendange

The band provided great music for all to enjoy

vendange - ouveillan, aude

Times gone by are remembered in horse and cart

Ouveillan carving the pumpkin

For a large fete a large pumpkin is called for

pressing the grapes - ouveillan

Pressing the grapes - in the traditional manner

ouveillan fete - wine juice

The elexir of wine juice ready to make wine

st pons the chestnut festival

St Pons - Chestnuts being roasted

st pons
St Pons - Fete de la Chataigne

apple juice at st pons, herault

Excellent fresh apple juice was to be enjoyed

St Pons - theatrical reenactment of vendange of chestnuts

Theatrical reenactment of the harvesting of chestnuts

Photo feature - October 30, 2004

Wine Festival in Ouveillan, Aude, and Chestnut Festival in St Pons de Thomieres, Herault

October brings clear sky, and a bright sparkle to light and living, and the effervescent enjoyment of festivals. Two particularly of note in the area - Fete de Vendange at Ouveillan (Oct 9,10), in the Aude, near Narbonne, and the Fete de la Chataigne (Oct 23,24) at St Pons de Thomieres. Both are well attended with lots to see, buy and do. Here you meet the people of the Languedoc - vibrant and enjoying life to the full - there is no escaping all the foods grown and created in the area - nor the exuberance of people having a good time

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