Meditational walk near Gruissan, Narbonne
Cemetiere Marin, and Chapelle Notre Dame des Auzils, La Clape, Aude

gruissan, cemetiere marin, notre dame des auzils

The hermits garden with herbs, bees, and quiet moments

well and wonder at sailors cemetary, gruissan

Trees are treasured in France

la clappe trees, magnificent

The glories of trees, a perfect place to sit

path to sailors chapel near gruissan, narbonne

Trees, stone walls, the pleasure of a walk

rain, penitents walk, aude, languedoc

A rain shower lights the way

sailors memorials at des auzils, gruissan

Alcoves of sailor's memorials mark the walk

notre dame des auzils, gruissan, nr narbonne

Notre Dame des Auzils, on the top of La Clape, nr Narbonne

view of gruissan

Climb is rewarded by a view of the Mediterranean
and Gruissan Plage

Photo feature - April 2, 2005

Discover the lovely walks of La Clape, near Gruissan, and Narbonne, in Aude, Languedoc

For a quiet meditative walk, or a walk in the shade on a hot Summer's day - go to the Sailors Cemetery at Notre Dame Des Auzils, on the side of La Clape, near Gruissan, on a small country road, off the road between Narbonne and Gruissan.

Here there are plenty of places to sit or explore - for people in these parts have been around since the dawn of man - with homes in caves from prehistoric times, as well as the more recent hermitages, and lovely chapels.

This is a good place for a picnic.

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