Languedoc Pageantry - Celebrate each year with Minervois, and Narbonne (Bages) coastal views in Southern France.

Butterfly amongst Minervois wilds

Butterfly on warm day in winter

minervois vineyard

Minervois vineyard walk

languedoc chasse notice

Take care to wear bright clothes in winter

minervois walk

Numerous walks are marked in Languedoc

languedoc nature - mushroom

Mushrooms and Toadstools pop up

well in minervois vineyard

Old wells are found in almost every vineyard

Minervois road

Late colors in winter, Minervois, Languedoc

Bages, nr Narbonne

Bages, near Narbonne

etang nr Bages, Narbonne

Glorious colors of winter

sun goes down, nr Narbonne

Winter evening near Bages

Photo feature - Dec 30 2005

Color and light celebrate each year in Languedoc, in South of France

The cooler months of Languedoc, can bring dining outside on warmer days, or snow on the hills under bright sunshine. Nature always surprises, against natural wonders in Minervois, the coastal area around Narbonne, including the haven of Bages in this series of photos.

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