Colors break out in late Winter! Spring is coming! in Languedoc

beziers, river orb

View of river Orb from Cathedral, Beziers

montouliers, almond blossoms

Refreshing cyclist with almond blossoms, near Montouliers.

minervois vines

Minervois vines, pruned and ready, near Montouliers.

La Caunette, Fete de la Bigarade

Oranges at Fete de la Bigarade, La Caunette.
(Fete is sadly no longer happening )

Carnival at Bize Minervois

Bize Minervois - Festive Carnival

Bize Minervois carnival

Bizois young and old know how to enjoy the carnival

port barcares, nr perpignan

Totem sculptures at Port Barcares, between Narbonne and Perpignan

sculptures at Port Barcares

Fluid colour at Port Barcares

Photo feature - March 17, 2005

Languedoc has colourful ways to brighten up late Winter early Spring - go to Carnivals at Mimosa festival at Roquebrun

From Perpignan to Beziers, Languedoc brings colour to life - in the first fluttering of almond trees in bloom, the carnivals of numerous villages - shown here Bize Minervois, festivals to Mimosa, at Roquebrun, and in fact every where you go there is energy perking out of nature.

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