Springtime fever of color, new vines, in Minervois, Languedoc and Cadaques

cadaques, spain

Summer beckons in Cadaques, Spain

La Guinguette restaurant, Argen Minervois

Great music starts the season at La Guinguette, Argens Minervois

horses and poppies

May flowers with poppies, and horses in the Minervois

dry walls of languedoc

Dry walls and rocks tell many a tale

minervois vines

Minervois vines promise wine

minervois iris

Iris and vines dance in the Spring light

old wells and water

Wells attest to hot summers

Minervois vines

Minervois vines tasting the air

Photo feature - May 14 2005

May is one of the best months of the year to visit Languedoc

May is a bit of a secret. Like October it is one of those secret months. A secret month that the French enjoy to the limit with numerous public holidays. A month to sing the joys of nature, of flowers, of rebirth. Come if you can to enjoy a lightness in the air, a sense of vitality and enjoyment of living.

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