Gardens of Berbie Palace, Albi, Tarn

The formal gardens of the Berbie Palace, Albi

ste cecile, albi

Sainte Cécile Cathedral - Imposing and Powerful

Berbie Palace - Toulouse Lautrec Museum - walkway

It is a pleasant walk along the covered pathway at the Berbie Palace

Sainte Cecile - Albi

Ste Cecile Basilica - is built like a fortress

A75 approach to Millau viaduct

Boat trips can be taken on the Tarn

last judgement, albi, tarn

The Last Judgement (15C) is one of the magnificent
artistic glories at Ste Cécile Cathedral

albi, tarn, midi pyrenees

Shops, restaurants, interesting buildings abound in Albi

Albi restaurants

Dining is a pleasure in Albi

Visit and come and stay in Albi, Jewel of the Tarn, 50 minutes drive from Toulouse

Albi, is a town to visit any time of the year.

It glows with art - in the large Toulouse Lautrec museum at the Berbie Palace and the Medieval masterpieces of paintings, frescoes, and decorations in Ste Cecile Cathedral; - with architecture in the red brick cathedral, palace, numerous houses, with roof top galleries; - with dining and restaurants

There are numerous places to visit in the area including Cordes - Heretic city of Count Raymond VII of Toulouse, - now considered one of the most picturesque villages in France; and Gaillac, especially known for its wines and its imposing position on the Tarn river.

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