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Visiting Albi is a distinctive experience - the red brick, the impressive bastion of the Cathedral Ste-Cecile, the shops and restaurants in colorful streets, the garden of the Place (Palais de la Berbie), the impressive collection of Toulouse Lautrec art works, the majestic strength of the River Tarn.

albi tarn roof tops

albi cathedral ste cecile, tarn, midi pyerenees

cafe restaurant in albi, tarn

view, albi - tarn, toulouse lautrec garden palace de la berbie

Photo feature (August 22 2006)

Albi - Beautiful town, renowned for its Cathedral, Toulouse Lautrec Museum, and historic center

Interested in visiting Albi? - then why not have your coffee in the garden where Toulouse Lautrec played as a child, and take a short walk to the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition center, and the impressive Cathedral St Cecile, with beautiful medieval murals.

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