Christmas and New Year in Languedoc - Tree of Saint Abdon - near Aigne

minervois languedoc st abdon tree above la caunette, aigne, minerve

A truly magic tree, Saint Abdon's tree emanating its majesty and wisdom over Christmas and the New Year, in the Minervois, Languedoc

minervois view  - valley of the Cesse and beyond

Photos feature (December 19 2006)

The tree looks over the Minervois, blessing the vines and the fruits of nature that are waiting to bud in 2007 in the surrounding hills

Enjoy nature in all its glory - Languedoc is full of wonders!

The vineyards are full of industrial hard working vignerons clipping and pruning the vines, creating the pattern to make the grape take on the many textures of this gorgeous land. Just above La Caunette, and near Aigne, the oak of St Abdon, in its majesty, blesses the light and the sun, the wet and the dry, the beauty of Languedoc. Many a time I come to this tree as it and the land give wisdom. It is a good Christmas tree, a New Year's tree, an energy tree to welcome the coming year - 2007

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