Laze away the days lingering on the Canal du Midi, between Beziers and Agde

canal du midi near villeneuve les beziers

On the Canal du Midi, near Villeneuve-les-Beziers, en route for Agde.

There is an art to taking it easy.

Slowing down. Its like enjoying a good wine. You smell its aroma. Glide your lips across its luscious surface. Taste its richness and let it warm the heart.

Much the same could be said for cruising on the Canal du Midi. The slow progress under proud Plane trees, along a stately path built hundreds of years ago.

The day begins with the stirring of wild birds, the rustle of leaves, the sparkle of water. The sun sinkings its glowing embers in the surrounding vineyards.

This photo is near Villeneuve Les Beziers, in the Herault, on the route from Beziers to the old port of Agde, with its fortress church, myriad restaurants.

Can't you imagine a picnic under the trees with the proverbial french bread, some fine pieces of ham, fresh tomatoes, a glass of the local wine, followed by figs picked from a nearby tree?

Today's photos feature (July 17 2006)

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