Minervois - Vineyards, Wind farms, and Ancient Capitelles - Natural wonders in Languedoc

minervois vines near mailhac

shepherd stone shelter - capitelle in Minervois, Languedoc

wind mills - aeolians across the aude valley - seen from minervois, aude, languedoc

Today's photos feature (July 4)

Minervois is abuzz with cigales, the constant high pitch clicking humming in the background, often with the sun high - the noise becomes almost too much - as thousands of insects reach their climax! The vines are green now, with grapes in a very green state.

Walking is heightened by the smells of thyme and other herbs, - often coming across old shepherds stone huts - "Capitelles" - to shelter from sun, storm, and night.

The views of hill tops across the Aude valley, summounted by aeolians - alien creatures that have created wind farms - beautiful to view, stunning to stand under.

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