Visit Siant Didier, Venasque, Le Beaucet, Bages,Gruissan, Narbonne in Spring

saint didier vaucluse

Saint Didier - Water rejuvenates

saint didier, vaucluse

Saint Didier, Vaucluse

venasque, vaucluse, provence

The Fine Filagree of Religion and Art in Venasque

view  from venasque

Views are superb from Venasque

le beaucet, vaucluse

Le Beaucet - where houses are built into caves

bages, languedoc

Bages, Languedoc bathes in sunshine

near gruissan, languedoc

Blue meets blue near Gruissan


Narbonne - Queen of Languedoc

Provence and Languedoc embrace the warmth of Spring

Spring finally gave days of sunshine and blue skies to Provence and Languedoc, branching across the Rhone to Venasque, one of the most beautiful villages in France, with stunning views; Saint Didier, warm Vaucluse village; and Le Beaucet, hugging a hill side with houses built in caves; on the eastern side Languedoc shimmers near Bages, Gruissan, and the queen - Narbonne.
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