Marseillan - Sigean - Perpignan - Languedoc

marseillan on the etang de thau

Marseillan, near Beziers

etang near sigean

Sigean, Corbieres Maritimes

ornate building in perpignan, pyrenees orientales


Discover Languedoc - visit Marseillan, Sigean, and Perpignan

The coast of Languedoc is varied and there is a lot to see and do.

From the pretty port of Marseillan, on the Etang de Thau, there are plenty of restaurants, serving fresh fish, and more. The port is busy enough, with some of the more adventurous canal boats crossing the etang, and using Marseillan as a stop over.

Further down the coast is Sigean, set back from the Mediterranean, but just a short drive away you will find the Etangs, where you can train how to sail with wind!

In Roussillon - Perpignan is a town that will surprise you - dont be put off and explore - you will find marvels - the Cathedral is especially surprising - do go inside ......and there is so much more ..... in September be sure to go to VISA the International Photo Journalism Festival - which is huge with over 325 agencies coming from all over the world.

Today's photos feature (Sept 23 2006)

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