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chateau at Nerac

boat on baise

auberge du vieux pont, nerac


Nérac, in the Lot et Garonne

Nérac, in the Lot et Garonne, is a lively town of around 7000, and boasts a very good Sunday market as well as the delightful Baise river, that has a number of quaint and welcoming restaurants.

The town was a Gascony humanistic centre creating the ideology that became the reformation. It was at the chateau - all that remains is a Renaissance gallery with the twisted columns, that Marguerite d'Angouleme wrote Heptaméron which is a variation of Boccacio's Décaméron. Even the writer George Sand lived here!

The Baise has been used for transportation since the 13th century - take one of the tourist cruises to enjoy the beauties of the area.

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