South of France

A beautiful village in South France

sunflowers near Albi and Lautrec

In September - a harvest of sunflowers - on the road from Albi to Lautrec

medieval square in Lautrec, Tarn

The attractive main square at Lautrec, Tarn, with halt timbered houses, and well at its centre

view  from Lautrec, Tarn

The collegial church of Lautrec, looking over the surrounding countryside of the Tarn

Windmill at Lautrec, near Albi, views of Montagne Noire
The windmill at Lautrec, with views of the Agout valley, Castres, and the distant Montagne Noire

Lautrec streets

Lautrec streets

Lautrec, Tarn, Midi Pyrennes

Between Castres and Albi, stands the lovely and beautiful village of Lautrec, the ancient home of the Toulouse Lautrec Family, and a village that celebrates its own pink garlic of Lautrec - even having its own garlic festival, held in the first week of August

Driving from Albi - through the broad landscape with rolling hills, fields, pastures, woods, and sunflower fields, that fills the countryside, one approaches Lautrec from above, driving down and then up to this village perched on the edge of the river plain of the Agout, with views of the distant Montagne Noire.

The village is still filled with intact medieval streets, and buildings, closing up around the 14th century village church, with a baroque interior.

Above this you can climb up one of the narrow streets up to a functioning windmill, where you can follow a path, where the local plants are labelled, up to the hill peak above the village which has stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.