Capitelle or Shepherd Dwelling, Languedoc

South France Guide Photo of the Week - August 3 1997


Capitelle or Shepherd Dwelling

When the sun is hot and the afternoon sizzles, these often dusty and cobwebbed homes of shepherds past, provide welcome resting points. Places to ponder of days gone by, some say dating back thousands of years, to men who looked after their flocks of sheep. Even today one can be welcomed by a scene out of yesterday, as a shepherd with dogs drives his sheep across a field, a river, or blocks a road. A scene only changed by the sight of trucks moving the flock to pastures new, when the distances between green patches becomes too great

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Old sign painter's van in Languedoc

South France Guide Photo of the Week - Aug 14 1997

painters truck

Cars, trucks, find their way into backyards, corners of vineyards, allotments. This old sign painters van sits in the corner of an allotment opposite the rows of ripening tomatoes, beans, aubergines ready to be picked.

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Ventenac, Canal du Midi

South France Guide Photo of the Week - Aug 24 1997

Ventenac from Canal du Midi

This proud wine cave boasts an interesting museum to viniculture, as well as a place to taste. Its the perfect place to stop whilst taking your boat along the canal du midi. Next to the cave is an open air restaurant, where it is pleasant to eat under the sun or the stars. If you are thinking of renting or hiring a canal cruiser boat for the day, look at

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