Villelongue Abbey, near Montolieu, near Carcassonne

South France Languedoc Photo of the Week July 6 1998

Villelongue Abbey, Languedoc

Villelongue Abbey

Visit this delightful abbey, dating from the 13th century, in a pretty valley, with gorgeous trees, reputed to be planted by Napolean's retired Generals, which is near the book town Montolieu, where you can stroll through a multitude of bookshops

Come on Sunday July 19 1998 at 5.30 pm to see a concert of Beethoven and Haydn, by a trio of flute, piano, and cello – if you want to be shown around the Abbey come an hour earlier.

Other concerts in the series "Festival Fugue en Aude Roman" are at St–Polycarpe Abbey (Friday July 10, 9.30pm), Allet–Les–Bains ( Friday July 17, 9.30pm), St–Papoul (Saturday July 18, 5.30 pm), Lagrasse Abbey (Tuesday July 21, 9.30pm), St Hilaire Abbey (Friday July 24, 9.30 pm), Caunes–Minervois Abbey (Saturday 25 July, 9.30pm), Grange de Fontcalvy, Ouveillan (Tuesday July 28, 9.30 pm). For more information contact 04 68 11 69 94 or 04 68 11 69 96

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St Polycarpe Abbey, near Carcassonne

The Guide Languedoc Photo of the Week July 13 1998

St Polycarpe Abbey, Languedoc

St Polycarpe Abbey, near Limoux and Carcassonne. Take in a visit to this ravaged abbey, after visiting one of the many caves around Limoux - where you can taste the bubbly that was around before Champagne - Blanquette de Limoux.

On my visit I found the Abbey closed, but a walk around the village was enough redemption!

Follow the road in the direction of Vignevieille for beautiful roads through tree laden valleys and a ruined castle or two!

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Sunset over the Minervois
The Guide Languedoc Photo of the Week July 27 1998

Minervois sky Languedoc


After the heat of the day its good to walk and take in the sun skirting on odd whisper of cloud here and there.

With luck there is a cool breeze, - giving a relief as one sits outside and takes the red or white, and watches the haze of rainbow colors fade into a star speckled sky

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