Dolmen above Minerve, Herault

The Guide Photo of the Week - May 4 1998

Dolmen above Minerve, Aude, Languedoc

Dolmen above Minerve

Just above the gorgeous village of Minerve, there are many dolmens to be found. This one brings back images of the primal forces of nature - the all encompassing sky with the sun beating down, and the earth receptive to wind, heat, and all of nature's energies. Last week it was surrounded by the hum of bees as all bushes and plants were in flower. Spring was in full force, and Summer beckoning around the corner

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Fontfroide Abbey, near Narbonne

The Guide Photo of the Week - May 11 1998

fontfroide abbey in the South of France


Fontfroide Abbey, near Narbonne

This cistercian abbey started around the 12th Century, was the home once of a monk who was murdered by the banks of the Rhône. His name was Pierre de Castelnau, and his death, was the excuse that Pope Innocent III used to start his crusade of purge and annihilation of the Cathars. Now the Abbey has a gorgeous rose garden, a restaurant, as well as remarkable architecture, with many lovely walks around.

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Peyriac–de–Mer Church, Aude - near Narbonne

The Guide Photo of the Week - May 18 1998

Peyriac Church, Languedoc


Peyriac–de–Mer Church

This unassuming village, on the water's edge, close to Narbonne, has at its center this gem of a fortress church. Take a day trip to visit this charming village and its counterpart Bages, which is something of an artist's colony, and boasts a fine picturesque square, with a restaurant bar – ready for a perfect photograph of food and French flavour

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