Vélieux, Herault, Languedoc, South France

hills above Velieux
Walk in the magnificent surrounding hills of the high Minervois

Velieux, near Minerve

High, high above, forgotten in a glade that slides like an alpine pasture, is Vélieux. Described as a village of 1000 hectares, and once was part of the lands of Minerve. The small church dates back to the 17th century. The village had it largest population in 1843, and amongst its population, was born Bishop John Bessieux RĂ©mi (1803-1876), who was the first bishop of Gabon. Its off the road from Aigues-Vives to St Pons(D907), where the road stops going up and starts to come down towards Rieussec.

This is good walking country full of paths and old mule tracks, walked through history, but now overgrown and mostly forgotten. Walk down into the valley of the Rieussec north of the village - ask the way to go - follow your heart and you will find places still quiet away from the churn of motorcar. You might even find a secluded pool to wash away the heat. Or walk south down the valley to Minerve. There are paths here to feed and put peace the anxious mind.

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