Winestar - Wine in cans and Wine from
Chateau de l'Ille, Peyriac-de-Mer, Corbieres
South France Wine Selection

The wines and vineyards of the South Of France

Winestar has taken advantage of a great idea to sell wine in a can. Their goal is to sell quality premium wines. 187ml. Perfect for the sensible driver, just enough for a light lunch, or a healthy picnic.

The cans are small, and distinguishable as to being red, rose, or white wine. They are refined in how they look. They even carry instructions of how to enjoy wine - robe, nose (nez), mouth (bouche)

The difference between red, white, rosé wines need to be clearly noticeable. I think Winestar needs to be a little bolder in its product design. My feelings are that the can itself should be a little more flamboyant - as it needs to give a visual idea of not only the kind of fine wine, but the cepage, and the terroir. But i can see there is need for a sober classic approach, to appeal for the more conservative drinkers - this is successful - but on the other hand the younger imbibers i think will be more attracted to something a little more out there!

Winestar's first offering - features the fine wines of Chateau de l'ille, Peyriac de Mer, near Narbonne. Wines with character, and cepages to discover. A good choice. All the wines are award winning wines at last CWSA 2013 wine contest

Each can contains the Chateau's quality wines.
Cuvée Andreas 2011 (red wine) : syrah (40%), mouvedre (30%), carignan (20%), grenache noir (10%).13.5 % ALC /VOL
Cuvée Alexandre 2012 (rosé wine) : syrah (80%), grenache noir (20%). 12.5 % ALC /VOL
Cuvée Emille 2011 (white wine): malvoisie (55%), rolle (25%), grenache blanc (20%). 12.5 % ALC /VOL

It is a good marriage. Hands off to adventures with wine!

Its good to see wine makers and presenters working hard to widen the appeal of wine. Good to see wine attractively repackaged to appeal for a broader audience.

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Chateau De L'ille
11440 Peyriac de Mer
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Henri Joubaud, Cedric Segal, Winestar, Chateau de l'ille

Winestar and Chateau de L'ille, Peyriac de Mer
Henri Joubaud and Cedric Segal

winestar cans of wine

Winestar wines in a can - Red, Rosé, White from Chateau de L'ille
All the wines are award winning wines at last CWSA 2013 wine contest
Winestar plans to sell quality wine from all over France in its Cans