Gorgeous unforgettable Carignan Red Wine : "Loic"
from Chateau Hauterive Le Haut, Boutenac, Corbieres
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I was knocked back by this sexy warm fullsome red wine from Loic Reulet, the son of Jean Marc and Fabienne Reulet. Its not plain and simple Carignan - it exudes the complex terrolr of Boutenac, the sun drenched soils, the summer heaviness, the bouquet, all.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to this yet unavailable or commercially bottled wine by Jean Marc Reulet at Vinisud 2014, and will rush off to buy a box or two when it is bottled. It is not named at present - but I think Loic sums up the character of this single cepage wine.

Probably about 7 euros a bottle.

Visit and contact:

Chateau Hauterive le Haut
Jean Marc et Fabienne Reulet
1 ancien chemin de ferrals
11200 Boutenac

Tel : 04 68 27 62 00

e-mail : hauterive-le-haut@orange.fr

Jean Marc Reulet, at Vinisud, Montpellier. Chateau Hauterive le Haut

Jean Marc Reulet - Chateau Hauterive Le Haut