Le Ligniére - White Wine - Ribeyrenc
Thierry Navarre, Roquebrun, Saint Chinian
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It was on a particularly sunny Spring day that i paid a visit to Bedarieux, where there was a natural wine salon, now in its sixth year, organised by a "natural wine bar" called Chai Christine Carnac, run by Christine Carnac. It was held at the town's cultural centre - Le Tuilerie (which is one of the worst sign posted places i have ever come across - i almost gave up looking for it!)

The most memorable wine for me was Le Ligniére, created under the expert hands of Thierry Navarre. The wine in essence pays homage to Ribeyrenc - a cepage that was popular in use in the 18th and 19th centuries in the Languedoc region

In Thierry's enthusiastic hands this noble white wine produces a finesse that is both smokey, white peppery, but with a tender bouquet of soft scented flowers. Le Ligniére, is natural wine, and in one palate one can be remembered the elements of almost medieval perchance for spices and herbs.

Le Ligniére

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Thierry Navarre
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Thierry Navarre, from Roquebrun, Saint Chinian talking about Le Ligniére

Thierry Navarre at Bedarieux wine tasting

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